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Kalyan S. Perumalla (KP)
Group Leader, DCS Group, CSE Division, ORNL
Distinguished R&D Staff Member and Manager, CSE Division, ORNL
Adjunct Professor, School of CSE, Georgia Tech
Building 5700, Room F113
PO Box 2008 MS-6085
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6085

Phone: (865) 241-1315
Fax: (865) 576-0003

Kalyan Perumalla, Ph.D., is a Distinguished R&D staff member and manager in the Computational Sciences and Engineering Division at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and an adjunct professor in the School of Computational Sciences and Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Perumalla founded and currently leads the Discrete Computing Systems Group at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1999. His areas of interest include reversible computing, high performance computing, parallel discrete event simulation, and parallel combinatorial optimization.
Dr. Perumalla is a winner of the prestigious US Department of Energy Career Award in Advanced Scientific Computing Research, 2010-2015.

His primary research contributions are in the application of reversible computation to high performance computing and in advancing the vision of a new class of supercomputing applications using real-time, parallel discrete event simulations.

His recent book Introduction to Reversible Computing is among the first few in its area. He co-authored another book, three book chapters, and over 100 articles in peer-reviewed conferences and journals. Five of his co-authored papers received the best paper awards, in 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008, and 2014, and two were finalists in 2010.
Dr. Perumalla serves as program committee member and reviewer for several international conferences and journals. He is a member of the editorial boards of the ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation (TOMACS) and the SCS Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SIMULATION).

His research prototype tools in parallel and distributed computing have been disseminated to research institutions worldwide. He has performed research as an investigator on several research programs sponsored by US federal agencies including the DOE, DOD, DHS, and NSF.

  • Editorial Board Member ACM TOMACS (since 2008)
  • Editorial Board Member SCS SIMULATION (since 2008)
  • Steering Committee Member ACM/IEEE PADS (2007-2010)
  • Guest Editor SIMULATION: Special Issue 2008
  • Program Chair IICST SIMUTOOLS'14
  • Program Chair IEEE MASCOTS'12
  • Program Chair ASYM 2007
  • Program Chair ACM/IEEE PADS 2007
  • Program Committee Member AsiaSim 2013
  • Program Committee Member IEEE DS-RT 2009-13
  • Program Committee Member ACM/IEEE PADS (since 2000)
  • Program Committee Member IEEE MASCOTS 2005, 2010-13
  • Program Committee Member SimuTools 2010-14
  • Program Committee Member Supercomputing 2008
  • Program Committee Member HPCC 2011
  • Voting Committee Member ORNL LDRD Seed Money Committee (2006-2008)
  • Advisory Board Member Georgia Tech CERCS (since 2008)

  • Melissa Yu - Intern 2013
    Reversible Computing. Melissa is a rising junior at the Farragut High School

  • Dr. Alfred Park - Post-doc 2010-2012
    High Performance Computing. Dr. Park holds a Ph.D. degree from Georgia Tech (CS)

  • Dr. Sudip Seal - Post-doc 2007-2009 (currently ORNL S&T Staff)
    High Performance Computing. Dr. Seal came with two Ph.D. degrees: Iowa State (CS), New Mexico (Physics)

  • Srikanth Yoginath - ORNL S&T Staff, pursuing Ph.D., Georgia Tech (CSED) HPC + Discrete Event Simulations

  • Matthew Street - Summer 2010, Middle Tennessee State University, CS Visualizations for Parallel Discrete Event Simulations

  • Clayton Thurmer - Spring 2009, Oberlin College, CS Discrete Event Simulator Benchmarking - Commercial compared to Research

  • Brandon Aaby - 2007-2009, Maryville College, CS High Performance Hybrid Computing using Networks of Processors and GPGPUs

  • Patrick Wilkerson - Summer 2007, Austin Peay State University, Physics Parallel FDTD as Asynchronous Speculative Execution

  • John Wright - Summer 2007, Mercer University, CS Reversibility of Numerical Computational Methods

  • Kathleen Abercrombie - Summer 2006, Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech, ISyE Cut Selection in Sensor Network Optimization

  • Eric Beier - Summer 2006, Ph.D. student, Texas A&M, ISyE Federated Optimization of Sensor Networks

  • Alfred Park - Summer 2006, Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech, CS Integrated Analysis of Sensor Networks

  • Jason Roop - Summer 2006, Senior Undergrad, North Carolina Central, CS Social Network Simulation using GPGPUs
Georgia Tech
  • Sivagowri Swaminathan - Summer 2005, M.S., Georgia Tech, CS Incremental Mixed Integer Programming

  • Ashok Babu Amara - Fall 2004, M.S., Georgia Tech, CS Scalable Sensor Network Simulation

  • Srikanth Sundargopalan - Fall 2003, M.S., Georgia Tech, CS High-Fidelity Modeling of Computer Worms

  • Jagrut Dave - Fall 2003, M.S., Georgia Tech, CS Discrete Event Particle-in-Cell Simulations

  • Half a dozen more - 2000-2003, Georgia Tech, CS jointly advised with Prof. Fujimoto

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